James Charles believes all of Africa has Ebola

James Charles believes all of Africa has Ebola

Yesterday James Charles, CoverGirls male spokes model, tweeted out that all of Africa has Ebola. Within minutes he deleted the tweet because of all the backlash he was receiving, but not everything is erased from the internet and someone, well a few people, managed to get a screenshot of it as seen below.

James Charles Tweet Via Twitter


When he deleted the tweet above and boarded a plane to South Africa James thought all  would be forgotten. He was probably dreaming because when he landed and opened his twitter he was flooded with disappointed and disgust from his fans.

James issued an apology which was half arsed and seemed insincere and then released a long one (As seen below), but people weren’t really having it especially when he called Africa a country and not a continent – which he rectified a few minutes later.



Of course the media also caught wind of what happened and Affinity Mag was the first to release their thoughts and disappointment of the situation. They have been following the situation closely as seen below in the tweets.

Here For The Tea I believe was the first YouTuber to comment on this issue as well, it’s worth a watch if you guys don’t want to read – she is a great YouTuber and someone I trust.

I was there as soon as it happened but could not put anything out because I was doing a Uni assignment which I thankfully finished at 1:30 am in the UK. But I decided to read what some people were saying on the issue on twitter and jumped all the way in when some people said it was a small mistake, it was nothing, he’s a child and is still learning.

This isn’t a mistake just anyone makes and I said so in a tweet. I got some replies saying to get over myself, and the most telling thing was that the people defending him were mainly Caucasians so I don’t see how they would understand.

He is also not a child, not in this generation. You look at 13 year olds and they look older and try to act older, but when they make a mistake they’re still children? They still have a lot to learn? Yes he has a lot to learn, but that does not mean he can get a free pass.

James African fan base commented on their disappointment  and disgust of the tweet, but hey I guess their feelings don’t really matter to some people.





I think he was 100% ignorant to say what he did and admitted so with his second apology, this is something I find annoying because why would you comment on something you’re clearly ignorant about? If the virus still existed and was a problem I think people could have let it slide, but that’s not the case. Ebola has not been a problem since around 2014.

And he then went on to blame a friend for the tweet which I found to be quite a stupid thing to do because again he did say it himself.

People are calling for James Charles to be dropped from CoverGirl and are planning to boycott the brand until it happens. Personally  I’ve never brought anything from Covergirl and don’t plan to because they’re not cruelty free, like many other brands.

I don’t know if he should be dropped because I don’t think he did it in a mean spirited way, but again he’s ignorant and his past tweets are telling of this and suggest otherwise (As seen below). Maybe he should be dropped as a learning lesson and become more informed of the world and less ignorant really because I did like him, but no not so much now.


Got these tweets curtesy of @Alexiii_G and @KateeeeX0x on Twitter.

All I really want to know is what Zendaya has to say, I mean she did help him get discovered. I would love to know what people thoughts are on this topic, comment down below.


*Disclaimer – The images aren’t by me or owned by me unless I have stated so. I created the feature image and the images are from an unknown source.*
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