Z Palettes’ has decided that their customers are dirt

Z Palettes’ has decided that their customers are dirt

On Saturday something disgusting happened and from the title you probably know what, Z Palette decided to say vile things towards their customers. You can see quite a few of these below (Scroll down a bit).

So here’s what happened, Z Palette decided to send a video or image to an Instagram page known as trendmood1 (Which has since been deleted), who release the latest beauty news, of their newest item. Trendmood1 has over half a million followers so it would be great exposure for them.

Now you probably know what a Z Palette is, it’s were you put your loose makeup like eyeshadow and blushes, so this product was something completely different to their brand.

A lot of people described the product as a hot plate, and it does look like one, and it was really expensive, $85. So when the image or video was released, I think it was a video but I didn’t have a chance to see it myself (Only screenshots), people voiced their concerns. Z Palette decided to reply back which started the scandal.

Now the first time I heard of this scandal was from John Kuckian (Link to Vid) on YouTube, he was on it like Donkey Kong. Beauty Truth Sleuth Official was an Instagram page which I believe reported this news first.



The day after this occurred Z Palette issued an apology, the contents of it I found to be hilarious and not in a good way.

They first of all talk about their beginnings and then how their new product was created/thought out which was OK, but the apology part was hilarious (Apology can be seen below).

They blamed the commenters for their behaviour and not only that they lied and said it was the commenters fault for behaving really aggressively. As you saw above the commenters were not aggressive, Z Palette were.


Z Palette 9.png


I can only speculate on why they got all up in their feelings about being sent concerns or questions on the new product, but it might be one of two things;

  1. They were trying to be sassy and funny like Wendy’s and epically failed or
  2. They didn’t like the commenters and their consumers non-understanding of their new product.

Either way what they said and did was horrible, their consumers are the reason they are able to flourish and to disrespect them in such a way is a slap in the face.

Unfortunately a quite a few companies are like this, such as Kylie Cosmetics, Jeffree Star Cosmetics and LimeCrime. And the numbers are growing and the true nature of some companies are being revealed.

This scandal has caused huge backlash for Z Palette. Some of the companies, like Makeup Geek (Example below), that stock their products have decided to find an alternative brands to use once Z Palettes products run out.

Huge YouTuber and beauty gurus, like NikkiTutorials and QueenOfBlending, have denounced Z Palette and their behaviour. Kevin James Bennett (link to post), an award winning Makeup Artist, shared his past negative experiences with the brand – it’s worth a look.




I don’t think the brand will really be able to recover from this, unless people still decide to stock and buy from them, but either way they won’t be making the same amount of money as they used to and their reputation has gone to shits.

Honestly I’m not happy with the brands behaviour and their apology.

I would love to know your thoughts on this scandal, please comment down below should you wish to do so.


*Disclaimer – The images aren’t by me or owned by me unless I have stated so. The feature image is from Z Palettes Instagram page, the photographer isn’t credited so I cannot do so as well.*
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