Nikita Dragun hate’s people with disabilities?

Nikita Dragun hate’s people with disabilities?

So a few days ago something happened, MakeupArtistGorda66 claimed that Nikita Dragun denied taking a picture with her because of her disability at an event a pre-party I believe.

I did plan to release this earlier but wanted to wait until an official statement or video was made/released from both parties on the situation. I did reach out to both parties to get some information regarding what happened with no reply.

However, I thought it would be to just release this and make another post when there is more information related to this event. MakeupArtistGorda66 did say, well a friend of hers, in an Instagram live video that she would be making a video on it.

A friend, JesusKardashian, of hers’ was with her when this occurred and later popped off on Instagram about the situation. As seen below both JesusKardashian and MakeupArtistGorda66 let their feelings be known and did not hold back.



JesusKardashian posted a statement on twitter as well which Nikita did reply to stating MakeupArtistGorda66 did not ask for a picture to her recollection and that at the event it was difficult for interaction (Tweets can be seen below).

Sanders Kennedy (Link to Video) is one of the YouTubers that has made a video on this scandal, he stated that he had attended the same pre-party a year back and attests that it can be hard to interact with others.



Now no clear explanation to the situation has been released from both parties, but Nikita did release some sort Snapchat explanation. Rich Lux does cover it and talk about it in the first YouTube video below.

Now in the SnapChat video she made (Inserted in the video below) there was some sort of acknowledgement that maybe something did happen, but she never did anything or would do anything maliciously towards any of her fans.

Honestly, this may just be a misunderstanding where things may have been misinterpreted. If that may be the case then both parties need to have a discussion and resolve any negative feelings or thoughts towards one another.

MakeupArtistGorda66 hasn’t released any official statement or video yet so no one really knows why she or her friend may have thought Nikita’s actions were malicious, maybe they were. But we don’t really know the context, like did Nikita make any weird facial expressions towards her?

So until then I, and many others’, can’t really come to any conclusion on our thoughts on this topic because it would be biased. We don’t really have both sides of the story yet, or the other side, hopefully, MakeupArtistGorda66 comes out with a video or statement soon.


Video with Nikita Dragun POV/ Snapchat Explanation

Video on Nikita Dragun and MakeupArtistGorda66 Scandal


*Disclaimer – The images aren’t by me or owned by me unless I have stated so. The feature image was created by me and the pictures are from Nikita Draguns Instagram page and MakeupArtistGorda66 Instagram page.*
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