Sean van der Wilt responds to Trisha Paytas’ bullshit

Sean Van Der Wilt responds to Trisha Paytas’ bullshit

A few months ago Trisha decided to make a video on her then boyfriend Sean Van Der Wilt, she revealed that he was allegedly cheating on her and was allegedly gay after it was a short revealed that he was dancing at a bar with a man.

All hell had broken loose after this and her fishies, Trishas’ fanbase name, decided it was a good idea to verbally abuse and bully her ex-boyfriend. Trisha has made many videos on Sean who up until now has decided to make a response video (Video below) on the whole situation. He addressed all the questions many people had on the whole situation and is worth a watch.

He addresses all the questions many people had on the whole situation and is worth a watch. Sean’s thoughts and feelings did seem genuine.


Sean van der Wilts’ Video

He addresses the fact as to why he was in a gay club, him a Trisha went to them all the time and the fact that he didn’t cheat on her.  He also addresses, subtly, on whether his and Trishas’ relationship was genuine which he reveals it was. He also states that he has no negative feelings towards Trisha, even after everything she’s done.



Now Sean has gotten backlash for this video, nothing really plausible except for the fact he created the video after Trisha stopped making videos’ on him. This could have been done for a number of reasons’ which we can only speculate.


Sean Van Der Wilt Breaks His Silence (Sander Kennedy Video)


Trisha Paytas’ first video

The way in which Trisha addressed the whole situation at some points were disgusting, allegedly outing someone as gay is horrible a horrible thing to do which Sean did sue her for. Now unless he comes out as gay how are we, the people, supposed to know?

I’m not saying she isn’t allowed to share her feelings, her YouTube channel is built on sharing everything, but the way she went about it in some instances was just plain wrong.



*Disclaimer – The images aren’t by me or owned by me unless I have stated so. I created the feature image and the images used are from Trisha Paytas Instagram page and from Sean Van Der Wilts’ Instagram page.*
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