Nikita Dragun & Jeffree Star give tanning a who new meaning

Nikita Dragun & Jeffree Star give tanning a who new meaning

As you can see below the image of Nikita Dragun has created a whole load of controversy, the reason? You can obviously guess. Nikitas’ skin has been tanned, or it looks to have been, very dark for a new Jeffree Star campaign.


The Image that started it all Via Nikita’s Instagram


Now when this campaign image was released, first by Jeffree Star I believe, it received a lot of backlash. This caused Nikita to release a series of tweets (As seen below) in defence of the image.



Within her Tweets’ Nikita basically states that she can naturally tan dark because of her origins, using old images as evidence, and because of lighting.

Now in terms of lighting effecting someone’s skin tone or the way they look I will agree with, it happens to everyone.

However, below you can see an image from Nikita’s photoshoot and an old image of her tanned. She claims she can tan dark but as you can see, well from what I and many see, both individuals skin tones are almost completely different from one another. One being much darker than the other.



Now what I will say is that Asians can tan this dark and more, but only if they are within that spectrum, as you can see below I’ve put the Image of Nikita from her photoshoot and also recent Images that she has taken.

As I can see, I hope you can as well, she is nowhere near the spectrum which warrants or justifies her being tanned so unnaturally dark. She does seem to be within the light-dark spectrum or Medium-light spectrum.

I myself am an Asian within the Medium-Light spectrum and I can attest to the fact that Asians can tan dark because I personally have, but not this dark unless they are within the right spectrum that being Medium-Dark or just Dark.

Now people will say she can because of the old image of herself she posted, but that’s all it is an old image of herself. She is no longer that dark and no longer looks that way so she cannot use it to justify the backlash.

Also, she may be tanned in the old image of herself as well, I don’t know we’ll have to believe what she says because there is no one to counteract it.



Fortunately, this is not her fault, well not completely, it’s Jeffree Stars and his team’s fault. They came up with the idea for this campaign and released the images, the fact that they didn’t think there would be backlash or didn’t care for it is appalling, to say the least.

From the image that you can see below Nikita’s skin is nowhere near as dark as the image above, the image that started the controversy. So it is obvious the lighting and her makeup caused her skin to darken further.

Having said that Jeffree, his team and Nikita saw the images as they were being taken throughout the photoshoot so if there were any problems or they felt that something was wrong they could have stated so.

They could have also photoshopped her, as they have already done so to lighten her skin a bit. I know, photoshopping someone’s’ skin colour differently isn’t appropriate or right, but when the lighting or makeup causes the skin colour of someone to change so drastically isn’t it right to soften it to its originality?

I don’t think at all that Nikita, Jeffree and his team intentionally did this, intentionally tried to completely change her skin colour. But, again they just didn’t bother to review the images in terms of what people may perceive it as and were not consious of the issues occurring in the world.

You’d think that after all the things that have occurred these last few years regarding extremely lightening or darkening a model’s face or body for shoots, the backlash would have taught individuals that what they’re doing is wrong. But nope it continues to happen and will unless something is done about it.


Via an Unkown Source


What are your thoughts on this topic? Comment down below should you wish to share your thoughts.

*Disclaimer – The images aren’t by me or owned by me unless I have stated so. The feature image was created by me and the pictures are from Nikita Draguns Instagram page or Nikita Draguns Twitter page.*
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