Patrick Star calls out his fans

Patrick Star calls out his fans

So a few days ago Patrick Star, a YouTube makeup guru, released a Tweet where he called two of his fans out for having a not so positive meeting with him (Tweets can be seen below).

As you can see Patrick released what they, _Fabgeek_, said about him and how they felt meeting him. He then, within the tweet, also showed us his private message to  _FabGeek_, Sorry but I have no idea what his real name is.

Within the last picture, in the collage I created, _FabGeek_ removed the comment he made about Patrick Star.



Now from the original image and comment, we can see that FabGeek was not in anyway bashing Patrick, but expressing their disappointment in him meeting him which they have every right to do.

Now what people should remember is that meeting their favourite celebrity, YouTuber and etc. may not be as they may expect because the way a person is on camera may not be the same person they are in real life. They may be, for example, shy to meet new people in real life when on camera they are enthusiastic on camera.

When this image and the original comment was released it was met with support and understanding because others had a similar or bad experience with meeting Patrick (Comments can be seen down below).



The way in which Patrick handled this situation is a huge problem and honestly not OK. He was not being bullied or bashed by _FabGeek_ so releasing this Tweet was stupid and that is the kindest thing I can think of.

If he was upset with what was said he could have just talked to _FabGeek_ and have had a proper conversation so they could hash out the problem – if there was any. Because as I said before meeting someone you admire or look up to may not be as you expect.

By doing this Patrick has most likely lost some fans who really admired.

*Disclaimer – The images aren’t by me or owned by me unless I have stated so. I created the feature image and the images used are from  and from page.*
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