CEO of Affinity Magazine’s disgusting past behaviour

CEO of Affinity Magazine’s disgusting past behaviour

So last night I believe is when some past tweets surfaced, from 2012, from Affinity Magazines‘ twitter account. The account was previously owned by Affinity Magazine’s founder, Evelyn V. Woodsen (Link to Twitter) before she turned it into what it’s known as today – Affinity Magazine.

The Tweets can be seen down below and she is discriminating a lot of different people. Now I didn’t go back myself and find these tweets, I actually got them from @buzzcutkiller, @bravenzayn and @HolyMsMarvel who posted them on the apology Affinity Magazine published from their founder.



Below you can see the below the founders’ apology, the apology is actually really good and she admits to her faults and what she did in the past

However, the parts that I don’t understand or comprehend why she put the fact she is black in her apology or the fact that the tweets were from 6 years ago – they were from 5 years ago actually.

Is she trying to use the fact she is black as an excuse for what she did?

We all know they were from 5 years ago when she was 14 years old, age cannot be used as an excuse for despicable behaviour. But owning the fact that you did it and improved and grew from it is a great response, which she included in her apology.

If she hadn’t included those two things her apology would have been ‘perfect’ because people do ignorant things in their past and people also, if willing, learn from the ignorant things they did and become better people.

Unfortunately, the founder did something a little while after the apology was posted, keep reading guys.




Evelyn decided to respond to some tweets which were not OK and made it seem like she wasn’t that sorry about what she did. The tweets can be seen down below.

Now when this Scandal occurred everyone was blamed. However, people need to remember it wasn’t the staff members at Affinity Magazine that did this, but the founder. So if people really have any criticisms they should be directed towards Evelyn.

There’s also been a lot of other talk going on regarding the Magazine and it’s staff members, some of whom have quit. But I don’t really know too many details regarding.



I’d love to hear your thought’s on this, comment down below should you wish to do so.

*Disclaimer – The images aren’t by me or owned by me unless I have stated so. I created the feature image and the images are from Affinity Magazines Website and Evelyn V. Woodsen .*
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