John Kuckian commits fraud

John Kuckian commits fraud



It has been officially confirmed that John Kuckian has committed fraud, well the police haven’t come to that conclusion because I don’t think anyone has filed charges against John Kuckian.

Almost two months ago he introduced some ringtones and claimed that all of the proceeds would go to charity – WaterAidUK. The ringtones were small voice clips from a rant Amrezy, a makeup artist all of who’s work is on Instagram, published on SnapChat.

In the above video, that @B_TruthSleuth edited, you can see that John Kuckian states he was working in collaboration with Amrezy to release these ringtones. However, as you can see in the video and the tweets I’ve displayed below you can see that no such thing occurred.

In fact, the exact opposite happened as John Kuckian did not ask Amrezy permission to create or release the ringtones, she also had no clue he was doing this and was in no way involved.



After this occurred a few questions were raised one of which was, was the alleged message John shared from Amrezy authentic? A question which Martin Louis, a YouTuber, brought up on Twitter.

Below you can see the Twitter conversation that occurred after below and someone analysed it and basically stated no. What gave it away was one of the terms that were in the message, “Kicked off” which is a term John Kuckian uses very often. They also stated

What gave it away was one of the terms that were in the message, “Kicked off” which is a term John Kuckian uses very often. They also stated that, @hpdcmc, no one in Brooklyn uses that term. So it is likely that John created

So it is likely that John created the email himself and that Amrezy did not send it to him, his track record proves this.



Another question that was raised was that did John give the money he made from the ringtones to charity or not? Below you can see some things John posted ‘confirming’ his donation, but there was still speculation and rightfully so.

A Twitter user known as @GertyBz emailed WaterAidUK who confirmed that John had made a small donation, but did not know the origins of where the money came from.



John’s ‘explanation’ regarding the scandal



John made a video after it was discovered that Amrezy did not give him permission to sell her voice and people were continuously questioning him on whether or not he donated the money he made from the ringtones to charity.

In the video, John does not discuss the whole Amrezy debacle that had occurred earlier and he neither discusses the exact amount of profits that were gained from the ringtones.

This video was also uploaded to his second YouTube channel which has far fewer followers, 75,151 whereas his main channel has 311,093.

This suggests he doesn’t want to bring much attention to this scandal, and it’s not surprising as he’s blocked people who have questioned him regarding this topic.

Alternatively, there are two things he explains in his video;

  1. He donated the money
  2. Why he didn’t donate the money ASAP

Previously, you have seen that John donated £187.86, which was confirmed by WaterAidUK.

Below you can see both Amazon and iTunes policy on sellers making money from their products. For iTunes, it takes a minimum of 30 for you to receive your money and that is after you’ve exceeded the minimum threshold of $150. For Amazon, it takes you 14 days to receive any money with no minimum threshold.

So the reasoning behind not donating the money, if he donated all of it, he made straight away is a valid one.



Did he commit fraud according to the law?

According to the Law in England John Kuckian has committed fraud, as you can see below I have taken a screenshot from the UK government website regarding this topic. I have highlighted the relevant parts, although all of them are.

Section 2.1 of the Fraud Act 2006 states that a person can commit fraud through dishonestly making a false representation and intends to do so by making a gain for themselves – in John’s case Money.

Now above we can see that John did donate some money to WaterAidUK, but it seems the numbers don’t add up, and because of a lack of evidence on John’s part, and is highly plausible that John has not donated the full amount of money he has made.

What any normal person would expect is that the individual being accused of fraud would release the relevant information, I.E. all the money that was made from the ringtones on Amazon and iTunes.

By knowing the exact amount of money, or profits, that were made from the ringtones people could deduce if John was lying or not, however, he has not done so which begs the question how much money did he make. Petty Paige (Video embedded down below) sort of breaks this down, check the video out if you’re interested.



YouTube Videos on the topic

I thought it may be great for people to watch some videos on this topic if they don’t want to read about this. They all bring something different to the issue and make really plausible points. Some of which I have explained above so enjoy.


Via Drama Tube


Via Petty Paige


Via Deep Thoughts For YouTube


*Disclaimer – The images aren’t by me or owned by me unless I have stated so. Feature image from an unknown source.*
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