RiceGum Assaults Gabbie from TheGabbyShow

RiceGum Assaults Gabbie from TheGabbieShow



As you probably already know a YouTuber known as RiceGum assaulted Gabbie, another YouTuber, and broke her phone at a friends party. I had no idea who either were until this incident occurred.

This event occurred a few days ago and with each passing day, some new information was released which is why I waited until now talk about this.

The video above shows a series of Snapchat videos Gabbie posted, the first few (Two) shows Gabbie challenging RiceGum to a battle and the last few shows her explaining what ensued thereafter.

Now looking at the first few Snaps we, or I, can see that RiceGum is being a bit playful when Gabbie challenges him. Everything seemed all fine and dandy between the two of them until we find out he physically wrestled with her, leaving some marks, to get her phone before breaking it and walking away.

Gabbie goes on to explain the situation much more clearly on her Vlog channel, which you can see below. She talks in more detail about what happened, as explained above, and shows the marks he left on a body.


A while after Gabbie posted the video RiceGum published a disgusting video which he has now deleted. In that video (As seen below), we can see RiceGum scratching his body, basically mocking Gabbie about the marks that he left on her body.

I’ll be honest, I was disgusted with him when he posted the video and accused her of marking herself. It came off as him mocking people that had been assaulted, hit or etc. by someone which is not OK.

The wounds that were left on Gabbie’s body were superficial, such wounds can be caused easily, for example during a struggle, and also heal very quickly – depending on how deep the scratches are. So it is extremely plausible that RiceGum caused those marks.

The Tweets



Moving on, there’s been drama on Twitter between Gabbie and RiceGum – Obviously. I took some screenshots from both Gabbie’s, seen above, and RiceGums, seen below, Twitter.

From Gabbie’s Tweets’ we can see that someone text her telling her RiceGum was threatening her, her sharing the definition of hitting, which coincides with what happened to her, and a screenshot of RiceGum sending her money with an apology.

RiceGum sent Gabbie $2000, $1100 or $800 of which she sent back, for some reason instead of $900 or $1200, which is the value of her phone – Fishy.

From RiceGums Tweets’ we can see him going off on Gabbie and the whole situation. He also admits to mocking those who ‘pretend’ to be abused, which is disgusting, as well as admitting he has done this in the past.

What RiceGum seems to be focusing on is the word ‘hit’ which he continually brings up in not only in Tweets but many of the interviews he has done on the situation. Gabbie has said he punch her but grabbed her forcefully which is a form of hitting.


The Witness

Now an eyewitness has come out, Romeo Lacoste, and made a statement, more like a video, which you can see below. Romeo seems to be a friend of RiceGum’s and accuses Gabbie of blowing the situation out of proportion. He states:

  1. Gabbie went up to RiceGum and challenged him (Gabbie Concurs).
  2. Gabbie was harassing him (Snaps suggest otherwise).
  3. She made a lot of Snapchat videos (Two videos actually).
  4. That there was a struggle between Gabbie and RiceGum (Gabbie concurs).
  5. RiceGum broke the phone and walk away (Gabbie concurs).
  6. RiceGum didn’t hit her (Gabbie concurs).
  7. RiceGum sent her $2000 and admits it doesn’t cost that much but doesn’t elaborate (Gabbie concurs).



He has basically confirmed everything Gabbie has said thus far.

Romeo also seems to be the one exaggerating and playing it down as he compares the incident to an aggressive argument, a tug of war, which is funny because when someone has an argument they shout at each other not harm each other physically.


The interviews

So RiceGum has done multiple interviews with different YouTube channels and with each interview, he seems (he does) change his story, whereas Gabbie had done one and has not changed her story.

Below you can see two contrasting interviews, the reason they’re contrasting is because RiceGum gives different stories to the incident. But you can be the judge of that.


Via Drama Alert


Via Scarce


Now it seems that RiceGum may sue Gabbie, but that would be a waste of money because the evidence presented shows that he has no case.

However, if Gabbie was to sue him she would have a strong case, if convicted he would pay a fine and maybe spend some time in jail – Something Philip DeFranco explains in one of his videos which I’ve embedded down below.

In conclusion, RiceGum is a bullshitter a word we use in England to describe a coward or someone that’s ‘all bark, no bite’. He acts like a big man and a huge bully on his YouTube channel and social media, but when confronted in real life he acts aggressively and like a pussy, which he indirectly admits.

Some people have defended RiceGum by saying his actions were warranted but no one, male or female or other, has a right to put their hands on someone and damage their property.

There’s a thing called walking away, the concept he does not seem to understand like a joke.


YouTube Videos explaining the situation with receipts

I thought it may be great for people to watch some videos on this topic if they don’t want to read about this. They all bring something different to the issue and make really plausible points, PettyPaiges was my favourite, some of which I have explained above so enjoy.

Before I posted this Gabbie posted a video to her main YouTube page debunking everything RiceGum claimed, you can watch it below.


Via The Gabbie Show


Via Philip DeFranco


Via Petty Paige


Via Sanders Kennedy


Via Sanders Kennedy


*Disclaimer – The images aren’t by me or owned by me unless I have stated so. I created the feature image, the images used are from thegabbieshow Instagram page and RiceGum Instagram page.*
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