Black Moon Cosmetics Sues Jeffree Star and Manny MUA for Trademark Infringement

Black Moon Cosmetics Sues Jeffree Star and Manny MUA for Trademark Infringement

So you’ve probably heard by now Jeffree Star, a YouTuber and owner of Jeffree Star cosmetics, and Manny MUA, a beauty YouTuber, are or were being sued by Black Moon Cosmetics (BMC), a beauty company.

The reason? Trademark infringement.

Around a month ago Manny MUA announced he would be collabing with Jeffree Star, a close friend, on his own collection. A week or so ago they launched their campaign and revealed their products which were stunning.

BMC launched in early 2015 and are known for their logo, a holographic moon with their name on a black background which turns out was trademarked. Manny has had interactions with the company in the past from not only praising them for their logo but also accusing them of copying his design from his collab with MakeupGeek.



As you can below there are two images of a logo for two different companies, one from BMC and another from Jeffree and Manny’s. BMC’s logo has always been the same whereas for Jeffree and Manny’s collab this is the first time they’ve done such a design.

Personally, to me they’re almost identical, what about you?



The McArthur Law Firm filed the complaint (link to the complaint), injunction, for BMC to stop the products from being sold and seek damages.

They also posted screenshots (link to the screenshots) as evidence of people confusing both companies, as well interactions Manny has had with them – which I showed above.

Now the packaging for the collab as you’ve seen above is the box the whole collection would come in. Below you can see what the inner packaging, individual packaging, and design looks like.

For the boxes the products come in you can see the logo on the black background with no hologram. The actual products itself only has Jeffree’s signature star, however, within the highlighter, we can see the logo which is the Moon and the star.

If taken to court it is really plausible that BMC would have won their case and Jeffree and Manny would have most likely been screwed, well maybe just for the box but that’s up to the judge to decide.



This event occurred a few days ago but I didn’t post as soon as it happened as I was waiting to see if Manny or Jeffree had something to say about what was happening. Jeffree tweeted two days ago but didn’t clarify.


Today it was confirmed by both parties that the matter was settled outside of court and the collab will be going forward as scheduled. Below you can see the statement BMC released which Sanders Kennedy posted on his Twitter- it was originally on their Instagram page.


Once the matter was settled Jeffree also went to confirm it on his Twitter and Tweet about his success and work ethic (Tweets can be seen down below).

One of his followers claimed BMC did this for fame and Jeffree Tweeted they didn’t get that and he wouldn’t give BMC that recognition, however, he did when he Tweeted that out, so not really the effect he was looking for.



YouTube Videos explaining the situation with receipts

I thought it’d be great for me to share some videos on this issue, Here For The Tea explains a bit of the documentation in her video and the basics of it all – Enjoy.

Via Here For The Tea

Via Sanders Kennedy

Via Beauty Truth Sleuth Official

*Disclaimer – The images aren’t by me or owned by me unless I have stated so. I created the feature image, the images used are from .*
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