Nars Cosmetics looses its cruelty-free status

Nars Cosmetics looses its cruelty free status

If you haven’t already heard Nars Cosmetics is no longer cruelty-free, a few days ago they announced that they would be selling their products in China.

What is the significance or relevance of this?

Within China it is required by law that cosmetics, skincare and makeup products, are tested on animals before they are sold. Therefore, Nars loses its cruelty free status as they allow a third party to test on animals for them.

Below you can see the statement Nars put out when they decided to make this move. My support was gone faster than Road Runner running from Wiley Coyote after discovering their move.



Erm… so reading that was really confusing, how can a brand claim that they want to end animal testing and know of safer and better ways to test beauty and skincare products but still allow a third party to test on animals for them?

Kat Von D could not have put it better when she called the move and the reasoning bullshit, screenshots can be seen below. I did blur out the animal testing pics that Kat shared on her Instagram encase it ended up upsetting anyone.



Anyway, hearing this news was really upsetting and not something I would have expected Nars to do. Nars is a brand that I like to splurge on when I have money saved and now I feel as if it was all a waste.

J. Kissa, a cruelty-free beauty YouTuber, created a video discussing her disappointment in this move and suggesting dupes. I’ve embedded the video below if anyone is interested.


Via JKissamakeup YouTube channel


*Disclaimer – The feature image was created by me using Canva and the Images used to create it are from Nars Instagram page.*

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