Being Cruelty-free

Being Cruelty-free


For the past two years I have been cruelty free, what I mean by this is that I no longer use products, makeup and skincare, which are tested on animals. Why only two years? I thought that animal testing in the EU and UK was illegal when I started using makeup at the tender age of 16 (which was four years ago).

Don’t worry the EU and UK have banned animal testing, hopefully it will stay that way now that the UK is in the process of leaving the EU, however products from brands that still test on animals are sold in the UK and EU whether it is done by them, the brand, or a third part outside, like China, of these areas.

Sadly, my naïve self did not have cruelty-free cosmetics in mind when I was buying makeup or skincare products because of the above reasons but now I do. There was, surprisingly, a lot of brands that I loved, like Maybelline and Rimmel London, which I had to give because they were not cruelty-free.

Sadly, there are not many cruelty-free drugstore or more affordable brands and many of them are high-end or more expensive which may make it more difficult for people to use or find cruelty-free cosmetics. There are also countries where it is mandatory for cosmetics to be tested on animals, like China, which again would make it more difficult for people to use or find cruelty-free cosmetics.

There are two sites I would recommend when trying to find out if a brand is cruelty free or not:

Both websites have a lot of information regarding beauty and skincare brands which are or are not cruelty free. They also regularly updated their list, so the information you see isn’t outdated and the websites I regularly refer to when finding information on brands. They also do skincare and beauty reviews if anyone’s interested.

Unfortunately they don’t have much info on Korean beauty or skincare brands so it’ll be a bit more difficult to find out if the brand is or isn’t cruelty-free, if there’s a website anyone could recommend it would be highly appreciated. The only reason I mention this is because I’m really starting to get into South Korean skincare and beauty, I have one skincare product so far which is cruelty-free, so again I’d really appreciate it if you could share anything you know.

There is a blog that I know of which talks about Skincare and sells Korean skincare products, all cruelty free of course, and that is;

The blog is run by Sarah Lee & Christine Chang whom also have a website where they sell Korean cruelty-free skincare products. They sell a variety of skincare products from a dozen or so companies, the list is slowly growing, which are all cruelty-free. If you are interested you should check them out.

Another blog which talks about talks about Skincare and sells South Korean skincare products is;

The blog is run by Charlotte and David Cho whom also have a website, Soko Glam, where they sell  Korean skincare products, the products sold aren’t all cruelty-free unfortunately but you can email the team if you have any questions.

Anyway I’ve created two separate lists for myself, one for Skincare and one for Makeup, which have brands that are or are not cruelty-free – as a personal reference. There aren’t any details on the brands I’ve listed, but you should use the two websites listed as reference as that is where I got information from to created my list.


*Disclaimer – The feature image was created by me using Canva.*




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