Black Moon Cosmetics Sues Jeffree Star and Manny MUA for Trademark Infringement

Black Moon Cosmetics Sues Jeffree Star and Manny MUA for Trademark Infringement

So you’ve probably heard by now Jeffree Star, a YouTuber and owner of Jeffree Star cosmetics, and Manny MUA, a beauty YouTuber, are or were being sued by Black Moon Cosmetics (BMC), a beauty company.

The reason? Trademark infringement.

Around a month ago Manny MUA announced he would be collabing with Jeffree Star, a close friend, on his own collection. A week or so ago they launched their campaign and revealed their products which were stunning.

BMC launched in early 2015 and are known for their logo, a holographic moon with their name on a black background which turns out was trademarked. Manny has had interactions with the company in the past from not only praising them for their logo but also accusing them of copying his design from his collab with MakeupGeek.


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RiceGum Assaults Gabbie from TheGabbyShow

RiceGum Assaults Gabbie from TheGabbieShow



As you probably already know a YouTuber known as RiceGum assaulted Gabbie, another YouTuber, and broke her phone at a friends party. I had no idea who either were until this incident occurred.

This event occurred a few days ago and with each passing day, some new information was released which is why I waited until now talk about this.

The video above shows a series of Snapchat videos Gabbie posted, the first few (Two) shows Gabbie challenging RiceGum to a battle and the last few shows her explaining what ensued thereafter.

Now looking at the first few Snaps we, or I, can see that RiceGum is being a bit playful when Gabbie challenges him. Everything seemed all fine and dandy between the two of them until we find out he physically wrestled with her, leaving some marks, to get her phone before breaking it and walking away.

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John Kuckian commits fraud

John Kuckian commits fraud



It has been officially confirmed that John Kuckian has committed fraud, well the police haven’t come to that conclusion because I don’t think anyone has filed charges against John Kuckian.

Almost two months ago he introduced some ringtones and claimed that all of the proceeds would go to charity – WaterAidUK. The ringtones were small voice clips from a rant Amrezy, a makeup artist all of who’s work is on Instagram, published on SnapChat.

In the above video, that @B_TruthSleuth edited, you can see that John Kuckian states he was working in collaboration with Amrezy to release these ringtones. However, as you can see in the video and the tweets I’ve displayed below you can see that no such thing occurred.

In fact, the exact opposite happened as John Kuckian did not ask Amrezy permission to create or release the ringtones, she also had no clue he was doing this and was in no way involved.

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Patrick Star calls out his fans

Patrick Star calls out his fans

So a few days ago Patrick Star, a YouTube makeup guru, released a Tweet where he called two of his fans out for having a not so positive meeting with him (Tweets can be seen below).

As you can see Patrick released what they, _Fabgeek_, said about him and how they felt meeting him. He then, within the tweet, also showed us his private message to  _FabGeek_, Sorry but I have no idea what his real name is.

Within the last picture, in the collage I created, _FabGeek_ removed the comment he made about Patrick Star.


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Nikita Dragun & Jeffree Star give tanning a who new meaning

Nikita Dragun & Jeffree Star give tanning a who new meaning

As you can see below the image of Nikita Dragun has created a whole load of controversy, the reason? You can obviously guess. Nikitas’ skin has been tanned, or it looks to have been, very dark for a new Jeffree Star campaign.


The Image that started it all Via Nikita’s Instagram

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Sean van der Wilt responds to Trisha Paytas’ bullshit

Sean Van Der Wilt responds to Trisha Paytas’ bullshit

A few months ago Trisha decided to make a video on her then boyfriend Sean Van Der Wilt, she revealed that he was allegedly cheating on her and was allegedly gay after it was a short revealed that he was dancing at a bar with a man.

All hell had broken loose after this and her fishies, Trishas’ fanbase name, decided it was a good idea to verbally abuse and bully her ex-boyfriend. Trisha has made many videos on Sean who up until now has decided to make a response video (Video below) on the whole situation. He addressed all the questions many people had on the whole situation and is worth a watch.

He addresses all the questions many people had on the whole situation and is worth a watch. Sean’s thoughts and feelings did seem genuine.


Sean van der Wilts’ Video

He addresses the fact as to why he was in a gay club, him a Trisha went to them all the time and the fact that he didn’t cheat on her.  He also addresses, subtly, on whether his and Trishas’ relationship was genuine which he reveals it was. He also states that he has no negative feelings towards Trisha, even after everything she’s done.


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Nikita Dragun hate’s people with disabilities?

Nikita Dragun hate’s people with disabilities?

So a few days ago something happened, MakeupArtistGorda66 claimed that Nikita Dragun denied taking a picture with her because of her disability at an event a pre-party I believe.

I did plan to release this earlier but wanted to wait until an official statement or video was made/released from both parties on the situation. I did reach out to both parties to get some information regarding what happened with no reply.

However, I thought it would be to just release this and make another post when there is more information related to this event. MakeupArtistGorda66 did say, well a friend of hers, in an Instagram live video that she would be making a video on it.

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Z Palettes’ has decided that their customers are dirt

Z Palettes’ has decided that their customers are dirt

On Saturday something disgusting happened and from the title you probably know what, Z Palette decided to say vile things towards their customers. You can see quite a few of these below (Scroll down a bit).

So here’s what happened, Z Palette decided to send a video or image to an Instagram page known as trendmood1 (Which has since been deleted), who release the latest beauty news, of their newest item. Trendmood1 has over half a million followers so it would be great exposure for them.

Now you probably know what a Z Palette is, it’s were you put your loose makeup like eyeshadow and blushes, so this product was something completely different to their brand.

A lot of people described the product as a hot plate, and it does look like one, and it was really expensive, $85. So when the image or video was released, I think it was a video but I didn’t have a chance to see it myself (Only screenshots), people voiced their concerns. Z Palette decided to reply back which started the scandal.

Now the first time I heard of this scandal was from John Kuckian (Link to Vid) on YouTube, he was on it like Donkey Kong. Beauty Truth Sleuth Official was an Instagram page which I believe reported this news first.



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James Charles believes all of Africa has Ebola

James Charles believes all of Africa has Ebola

Yesterday James Charles, CoverGirls male spokes model, tweeted out that all of Africa has Ebola. Within minutes he deleted the tweet because of all the backlash he was receiving, but not everything is erased from the internet and someone, well a few people, managed to get a screenshot of it as seen below.

James Charles Tweet Via Twitter

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